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Chat with the Stress Factor DJs!

Stress Factor has its own chat room which you can enter to chat with the Stressfactor DJs as they are playing and interact with other listeners locked in to the live stream or playlist. Enter a nickname and click the button to begin!
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The Stress Factor chat room operates using the IRC protocol, an internet standard for interactive chat capability. We use a Java-based chat client PJIRC, to allow you to access through your browser. However, if you prefer, you may enter the chat with you own IRC client. The details for the Stress Factor chat room are as follows:


Typical clients include mIRC, X-Chat, Hydra. Unfortunately, most of these are quite complex and we do not recommend these for use by most users - use the browser chatroom above!

To help you get started with IRC and our chat room, here is a quick list of commands you can use:

/nick <your nickname here>
- This command allows you to change your nickname once you have entered into the chat

/join #<channel name here>
- This is the standard command used to enter chat room 'channels' on the IRC server. Note: If there is no existing channel, this command will automatically create a new chat room with only you in the userlist!

- This command will cause you to leave the chat room

/me <type something here>
- This is a humerous, light hearted command you can use to send a 'descriptive' message to the chat room. For instance, if your name is HardcoreRaver, and you type the command: "/me dances around the living room to the music!", the following will appear in the chat room:

* HardcoreRaver dances around the living room to the music!

In addition to the standard IRC commands, our chat room also supports a number of 'triggers', standard automated responses that will be displayed in the chat room. Here are a few of the most useful ones:

- If you are enjoying the music the DJ is playing, type this trigger to show your support!

- Use this trigger if you are off to make a cup of tea / answer the phone / feed the pets

- This trigger will display infomation on the music stream you are listening to

- If the DJ is cranking that volume too loud and the sound quality is distorting, use this trigger to let him/her know. Note: skilled DJ's will be keeping a eye on their levels already ;)

!id - If that DJ is playing that tune you haven't heard for ages, and your dying to know what it is, use this trigger to demand an ID!

- Use this trigger to let the DJ know how great he/her is!

- ?????

There are many triggers that are recognised. See if you can find them all!

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